Every Honey Swim kini is designed and made for all that life brings. To make sure your kini lasts a lifetime, we recommend our care instructions are strictly followed for the best results

Oils + Chemicals

Oils and chemicals like chlorine can be damaging to the fabric and color of your Honey Swim, particularly with our bright colors.

After swimming, ensure you rinse your kini with cold water individually from other clothes. This prevents long term chlorine absorption which will cause the fabric to break down and lose colors. 

Cool + Dry

Nylon + Spandex, our signature fabrics, don't like heat or chemicals. Do not tumble-dry your Honey Swim, air drying is best. Please dry it flat and out of direct sunlight to maintain the best color and long lasting life of your kini.

Please avoid wearing your Honey Swim in hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and hot springs,as the extreme temperatures can damage the material, color, and quality of your piece!

Need more advice? Our customer care team is on hand to assist. Email support@honeyswim.co with any of your questions